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Six Weeks of Running

As you all know we have a movement of the month that we focus on through strength, workouts and skill work in the class. September we decided to extend that to six weeks so that our members had time to really focus on increasing a 3 mile time trial and get in those miles. Sometimes things just take a bit longer!

We had so many members PR by 40+ seconds on Monday's retest. Some members even PRed by 2+ minutes. You all put in the work, put in the miles, put in the time and it paid off. WAY TO GO KRYPTON MEMBERS on the 3 mile time trial.

During this time you have already started the October movement, front squats. Isn't it crazy what our bodies can do? You are running miles, PRing and improving your strength all at the same time. CrossFit is AWESOME + Krypton Programming!

We are excited to see all the front squat success at the end fo this month!

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