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October Movement of the Month

Can you believe it is October already? Neither can we!

Although, it is October and we are starting a new movement of the month we are still working on improving that September 3 mile time trial for a couple more weeks. Improving running can take some time so we wanted to make sure you had that time to focus and work on the milage/pacing so we made that movement of the "month" 6 weeks instead of 4.

Things to focus on when front squatting:

- The weight is not supported by your hands, it is supported by your deltoids. This can feel easier when pushing elbows up so that your upper arms are parallel to the ground.

- Start with your hips. Think about sitting back in a chair, leading with hips, when starting your front squat instead of bending with your knees first.

- Your shins and torso should stay close to vertical during your squat.

- Always remember to look straight ahead when squatting

You tested out your front squat on Monday and we are excited to see your October gains!

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