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Nutrition: Reading a Food Label

I don't always read the food label, but when I do I head straight for the ingredient list.

The ingredient list is listed in descending order of dominance. That means the first item listed is the most prominent item in the food. Don't be fooled! Companies will try to use four different sugars sometimes so it is not the first item on the list. Make sure to check the whole list!

Here are some ingredients to look for and avoid:

  • Hydrogenated oils.

  • Sugars (added sugars are now on the ingredient list).

  • Artificial flavors and colors

  • Artificial sweeteners (sucralose, aspartame, saccharin, etc.).

  • Oils (corn, vegetable, say bean) that contain more omega-6 fats.

Next I will check out the macronutrients and the added sugar column. Macronutrients are important to me when I am tracking my calories/macros. I usually focus highly on protein to make sure I am getting enough in daily. Focusing on the added sugar column helps me be aware of my daily sugar intake outside of the natural sugars I get from fruits.

Obviously, fresh whole foods we build our well-balanced plate with do not have nutrition labels. Focus on these foods to build that well-balanced plate 80% of the time!

Trust the process!

Krypton Nutrition Coach: @toristatebuds

Simplified Nutrition, LLC

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