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Movement of the Month: December 2023

If you didn't know, rowing is the movement of the month!

Last Friday, December 1st, you completed a 2k time trial and this month you will be spending a lot of time on that rower so get prepared! A 2k time trial is a monostructural movement, so where do you recover? In the return stroke that is preparing you for your next stroke.

Here are some helpful tips for rowing this month:

- In the start position your shoulders should not be hunched forward, hinge at the hips to create that forward position and your arms should be straight since we start the drive with our legs.

- You pull should go legs, hip, arms as you extend and arms, hips, legs on the return.

- Your legs are powerful, so you want to drive with the legs and keeps those elbows/arms straight until they are needed.

- Don't grip that handle too hard!

Focus on your technique this month as you work towards CRUSHING that initial 2k time trail at the end of the month!

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