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Krypton Training Camp

We just wrapped up another great Krypton Training Camp at the end of June and it was the best one yet!

What is Krypton Training Camp? Well, you get to train with and be coached by Ben, Alec, Laura and the whole competitive Krypton crew. Over the course of one weekend they had four different training sessions with a couple Q&A’s for all camp members. Saturday ran from 10:15 AM - 4:00 PM and Sunday started with a conditioning piece by Coach Rick at Mt. Trashmore at 8:00 AM then finished up with a partner workout at Krypton around lunchtime.

Yes, even though you go to Krypton you can still participate in these training camps for a whole weekend of fitness and fun! Don’t worry there will be more so keep your eyes open for the next Krypton Training Camp because we want to see YOU there!

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