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Krypton Partnered with Thorne Supplements

Did you know we partnered with Thorne HealthTech?

We are excited to announce a new partnership to continue offering the best wellness, performance, and recovery services to our dedicated members in the market! We have recently partnered with Thorne HealthTech to offer you their products and precision test kits.

Briefly, Thorne HealthTech is a professional supplement and precision testing brand created

nearly 40 years ago on the foundation of quality, purity, and evidence-based products. Thorne

is the exclusive supplement brand to partner with the Mayo Clinic, who conducts clinical trials

to support their history of providing science-driven and effective products, as well as over 95

professional sports teams and a dozen US National teams. With over 200 products and health

test kits available, there is support for anyone looking to optimize their health, wellness, and


We thank you for your loyalty and look forward to hearing the value this adds to your personal

wellness goals. Yes, we have a small inventory at the gym, but you can create your own account and purchase at a discounted price.

Want to get started now?

Receive 10% off and free shipping* on Thorne product purchases when you create your

  • When you create your account you will be prompted to confirm CrossFit Krypton as your professional referral

  • You can verify your professional connection and discount under your Thorne Profile page.

  • *Bundles and health tests are not included in discounts offered

Have more questions?

Reach out to Nutrition Coach Tori ( and she will be able to help you with your Throne needs.

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