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Krypton Nutrition Challenge

Let's start 2024 STRONG!

What better way to prepare for the 2024 CrossFit Open than to supplement your fitness with nutrition?

Krypton will be offering a FREE Nutrition Challenge for members* at the beginning of 2024!

Start: January 1st, 2024

End: February 25th, 2024

The challenge will focus on two key components of overall health: nutrition and movement/fitness.

This challenge will involve stacking nutrition and movement habits each week. It takes 21 days to implement a habit into your life so let's do it. In the challenge, we start basic habits and add new ones each week, plus some tracking. The goal is to add in habits that you can continue after the challenge to better your overall health and wellness, but also help you prepare for the 2024 CF Open.

This is not an individualized challenge**, but more about implementing habits that become second nature to your daily routine. It is a point-based honor system, where you will collect points daily by completing programmed habits for that week (with a possible bonus point each week). Each week the leaderboard will be released so you can see where you stand week to week. We will have a private Facebook group for people to hold each other accountable, share recipes, insight, and questions among the group. For those that do not have Facebook, we will communicate through email.

Let's do this! Start 2024 building healthy habits!

Need: Excitement, a positive attitude and a willingness to do work! :)

*Not a member, but want to join? Please reach out to

**Interested in a more individualized program/macronutrients to follow throughout this challenge, you will be able to purchase a macronutrient calculation or a mid-challenge 1:1 review with our nutrition coach Tori.

Looking for more information? Please email Tori at

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