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CrossFit Games Recap

What an awesome weekend at the CrossFit Games for our Krypton athletes. Remember, when you look back at the weekend and watch these incredible athletes that YEARS of hard work has gone into the 4-5 days of competition that they endure each year. They train year round, day after day to get to where they are and they will tell you it takes a village. We our proud of our Krypton athletes and the village/community we have built over the last almost 11 years.

Here were the final results from the CrossFit Games:

Laura Horvath was named the 2023 Fittest on Earth, winning the CrossFit Games in her 6th season. She won five events this weekend, one of them being the Olympic Total where she clean and jerked 265lbs (the most ever clean and jerked by a female at the CrossFit Games)!

Gabi Migala finished in 4th place, her highest finish at the CrossFit Games. Gabi finished strong with a 3rd place finish in the final event of the weekend.

Team CrossFit Krypton took home 19th place. This team was amazing to watch as they worked together to fight through an injury on day 2. This team showed grit and determination, plus put on a handstand walking clinic in the final event.

Laura Nielsen took home 4th place in the 45-49 age division. She fought hard and was able to show off all her hard work this past weekend. Laura got in a handstand race in the gymnastic chipper bringing the crowd to their feet and finishing that workout in 2nd. It was awesome to watch.

The Krypton community could not be more proud of the Krypton athletes this past weekend at the CrossFit Games and we are sending you a HUGE congratulations on a great weekend of competition!

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