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      The Smith Brothers all started their training careers in their garage. They have evolved their techniques and training programs over time which has enabled them to develop their weaknesses and become as well rounded as possible, making them as fit as possible and ready for the unknown. getting in shape at home in your garage or in your backyard are not impossible but it takes hard work, motivation and good programming. The SMITH’s GARAGE offers time tested, proven programming for anyone at ANY level of fitness. Whether you’re looking for ideas on improving strength, fitness, gymnastics, or strategy, this programming is for you. Daily workouts, gymnastics skills, strength cycles, endurance workouts, and much more are available with “The Smith's Garage” membership. These workouts are designed for a duration of 20 minutes and offer “equipment-less” options for those who lack adequate training facilities. Become part of the SMITH’s GARAGE training team today and join the SMITH BROS in their quest toward personal excellence! A perfect program for parents, full time students, full time workers, or just anyone who wants to maximize the limited time they’ve got to get a workout in.

PRICE: $20/month. BTWB membership INCLUDED. Cancel anytime.


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