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12 Week Squat Program

By: Ben Smith & Krypton Athletics

     This is my time tested and PROVEN program and I’m fired up for you to give it a GO!!


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Note: Please download the e-book within 30 days to your device.

ABOUT: Give me one movement to do for the rest of my life and it would be the squat. It is the foundation of a great strength program and instrumental for growth and strength in other areas. I have followed many squat programs and experimented with different ideas and concepts to build squat strength and this 12 week program has been the most effec- tive combination of sets, reps, and weights for maximizing my strength gains This program took me from a 480 squat to my best back squat ever of 520 at a bodyweight of 190lbs. For me, the program’s effective- ness lies in the focused intensity brought into specific sets throughout each training session. With targeted goals for each squat session, and slight progressive overload week to week, this program should keep you feeling progress throughout the entire 12 week period.

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