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10 Week Front Squat & Clean Program

By: Ben Smith & Krypton Athletics

     The sequel to the PROVEN Back Squat program, time to get that CLEAN STRONG.


BSCS Picture.png

Note: Please download the e-book within 30 days to your device.


I know this program will help you learn a lot about yourself as an athlete, hopefully fill in some holes in your technique (if you pay attention to that - and you should...) and obviously BUILD SOME CLEAN STRENGTH. I can’t wait for you to give it a shot and to hear of all your success!! Let’s GO!

I started this 10 WEEK PROGRAM, one week after finishing the first 12 weeks of the Be Strong - Squat Strong program and back squatting 500lbs. This program is predominantly front squats and clean work, but don’t be afraid to mix in a few back squats, deadlifts and/or snatches. This program is intended to SUPPLEMENT your existing program, not replace it. Each week has 3 days of programming, two squat days and one clean day. The squat days I did on Monday and Friday (with an occasional clean mixed in), and the Clean days I did on Wednesday. I recommend testing your 1RM Clean and 1RM Front Squat before starting this program for some numbers and
percentages to use along the way.

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