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Back Squats
3 Reps @ 75% (Of current best 1RM squat)
8 Reps @ 60%
2 Reps @ 80%
5 Reps @ 70%
1 Rep @ 85%
*Rest as needed between sets. These percentages are guidelines, but just make sure that you go heavier each set on the 3-2-1 reps. The in-between sets are to get some volume in at a decent percentage after hitting something heavy. They should feel light after moving a heavier weight right before, so be explosive!

Snatch Work
-Starting light (empty bar), work up to a heavy triple for the day. Make 20#/10# jumps if you’d like in the beginning. But once you reach 70-75% of your best single, jump only 10/5# or less each set until you have hit a heavy triple for the day. A triple would be 3 reps, done as singles that you get done in under 30-35 seconds. The idea is to do these reps in quick succession so that your training your legs to be fast and strong on those last two reps and building technique as you are fatigued.

Deficit Snatch Grip Deadlifts
4 x 3 Reps @ your 3RM for the day above
*Standing on a 2-3” deficit perform 4 sets of 3 snatch grip deadlifts. The focus is on staying as tight as possible keeping the shoulders out OVER the barbell for the entire deadlift. I don’t want you guys to stand all the way up just stand as tall as you can with your shoulders out over the barbell. Use straps if you would like!

Strict Pull Up
4 Sets Total
5,5,5 (Underhand, overhand, wide grip overhand)
*Rest as needed between sets of 5’s but complete each set of 5 unbroken without coming off the bar!
15 Weighted Sit Ups (Hold dumbell on chest)


Hang Squat Cleans (Above the knee)
1 Rep Every 0:30 seconds x 10 minutes
*5 Minutes @ 65% and second 5 minutes @ 70%. So you will do 10 total reps at 65% and 10 total reps at 75%. Work on finishing tall in the pull and getting under the bar quickly! I like this type of lifting especially because you must be strong when you’re tired. The only way to do that well is to be as efficient as possible! So as you get tired you should be working into better and better technique!

Rest as needed…

Push Press
3 Reps Every Minute On the Minute for 5 Minutes
*Try to be around 75% of your 1RM Push Press.
1 Rep Every Minute On the Minute for 5 minutes
*Just try and be heavier than your 3’s here! Just don’t miss any reps!

5 Sets
3 Strict Press (Working sets from 60-75% range, only count sets with the weights between these percentages)
12 Inverted Rows w/pause at top of last 4 reps. Do these between each set of strict press!
*Rest as little as needed to complete each set unbroken and to perform them well!


Banded Speed Deadlifts
10 x 3 Reps @55-65% + green band
3 High Box Jumps between each set!
*Work on being explosive here, stand on a green band to add tension to the barbell. Do these deadlifts as singles, re-setting at the bottom of each rep! Don’t add weight if you cannot keep speed. More important than the weight here is how fast you move the bar, only add weight if you can keep speed!

5 Sets (Each set Go HARD)
100m Row Sprint (High Damper, see how low you can get the pace/500m)
100’ Sled Push Sprint (Heavy, work on being explosive throughout the entire 100’)
*Rest until recovered (2-3 ish minutes)

5 x 100’ Farmers Carry (As heavy as possible)
*Rest as needed between carries! The point is to just load up heavy and try and breathe and move under a heavy load!

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